Quality Assurance


Quality Assurance



Quality & safety is of paramount importance to SOVIMO HELLAS. The use of high-grade technology and the strict respect of HACCP principles enable us to maintain high product safety levels.


In addition to strict inspection by veterinary authorities, the safety and the quality of our product is guaranteed by a fully integrated control chain covering every stage of the production process.


These controls concern both:


The product itself

appearance and physical / chemical / bacteriological / functional properties


And the conditions of production

optimum hygienic conditions


Thus our own laboratory determines whether the products meet the client's specific requirements.



Besides, we guarantee total traceability by:


1- Sourcing our eggs from selected farms
2- Carrying out rigorous controls throughout the production process.




Taste is also a guideline for SOVIMO HELLAS:


in collaboration with chefs we develop new products & recipes either traditional or innovative.

Thus we ensure our products to be tasteful and rich in flavours.

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